Studies show that  résumés have about 10-20 seconds, 

at most, to gain the attention of hiring personnel.

Is your résumé getting the attention you deserve?  

Successful companies invest millions of dollars each year on developing marketing tools to sell their products.    As a job seeker, your principal marketing tool is a top-notch résumé to communicate the unique selling features that will differentiate you from the competition.  A résumé is more than a simple listing of degrees earned and past job experiences.  It is a careful blend of business strategy, artistry, and writing to show what you can offer a prospective employer.

A Certified Professional Résumé Writer has the expertise and knowledge necessary to develop a résumé that will capture what it is that you “bring to the table” by creating a document that will:
  • Reflect and advertise your personal brand through the use of professional copywriting skills
  • Have visual appeal through careful choice of fonts, layout, and design principles
  • Show a command of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling