Why would I hire someone to write my résumé when I could do it myself and save the money?

  • Certified Professional Résumé Writers (CPRW’s) undergo rigorous testing in order to demonstrate their knowledge of the various building blocks of a well-written résumé and how they should be used.  They are up-to-date on job search trends and know how to use the language of “résumé-speak” to showcase each individual’s strengths and talents.
  • A CPRW has the skills necessary to create a unique look for your résumé that contains an artistic balance of print, fonts, white space, and appropriate graphics that will differentiate its look from the hundreds of other résumés that may cross the desk of HR managers.
  • A CPRW knows how to create a document that reflects your “personal brand” and appeals to employers’ specific needs.
  • A CPRW understands the difference between a chronological and a functional résumé format and knows which format or variant of these two main formats is the best fit for you.
  • A CPRW knows how to weave keywords into the copy of your résumé to improve your “hit” ratio when online searches are used.  Keywords will signal employers that you have the skills, talents, and experience to match their job requirements.

In short, there is no better investment for you to make in your job search than to have your résumé professionally prepared.  A well-written, artistically appealing résumé can definitely increase your chances of landing those all-important interviews!